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How to Improve Digital Skills Across Your Organisation

Proactive upskilling translates into improved business outcomes – here’s how L&D teams can reap the benefits.


A set of Best Practices for Targeting, Aligning & Measuring Learning

How to identify learning needs that support business priorities, align a solution and measure results.


Developing Digital Dexterity in Your Organisation

Why the right training is vital for building the digital dexterity that companies need to survive and thrive in the future.


Discover the Science Behind Elearning Design

In this resource, we share our scientific design process with you and offer 7 key principles in how to develop effective content design.


30 Quick Wins to Launch L&D Success

Perfect for L&D teams that want to make a bigger impact on the business - here are helpful ideas to fast-track success in learning. 

101_ways_to_make_fun_2101 Ideas to Supercharge Digital Learning 

In this resource, we share 101 ideas, apps & tools to bring the fun and engagement back into workplace learning.


Fraud Awareness Game

Your mission is to secure Safety Corp, and get the best score in your team. Give it a go!


DeFear the DeFib

Feel empowered to use a defibrillator confidently. Share the course with your team and help to save lives.


Diversity and Inclusion

Promote a diverse and inclusive workplace environment with this full, free course. Try it online or download it now.


Microlearning Principles

How to take the key principles of Microlearning and apply them to your traditional digital learning techniques.


2019 Moment of Opportunity

The 2019 Workplace Learning Report shows that executive support is increasing, with L&D spend expected to be up by 43% compared with 2017.

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What exactly is a Learning Experience Platform?

An LXP should break the boundaries that define the LMS to deliver an experience to learners that looks and feels just like the modern web.


A Complete Guide to Elearning and the LMS

Here's a comprehensive view of current and future trends in digital learning content and the ways that businesses can benefit.


What is Microlearning, and how do I implement it?

Microlearning is the delivery of short, fast, bite-sized chunks of information… isn’t it? Actually, its success depends on much more than that.



This course takes on the tricky topics of motivation, wellbeing, positivity, mindfulness and resilience at work. Help your people make small changes in their behaviour to improve their wellbeing at work. Starring Sally Phillips, Tom Bennett, Javone Prince and Lucy Liemann.


Leadership videoarts

Made for existing and aspiring leaders, the hilarious Leadership courses pick up some of the more strategic aspects of leading a team. The collection includes 10 courses and 33 short videos. Starring Sally Phillips, Robert Webb, Tony Gardner and Shobna Gulati.


Growth Mindset

Skills and intelligence can be grown and developed through hard work, good strategies and input from others. By adopting a flexible rather than a fixed mindset you can encourage better learning and development.