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Here's a sneak peek of what you can learn from our off-the-shelf course 'Career & Family Challenges for Women Leaders'. Find out more about Percipio and ready-made courses here.


Our 'Social Media Best Practice' compliance course highlights the problems that can arise from posting your views online. Try out the first two modules of the social media Comply course now.


Here's a clip from our GDPR and Data Protection compliance course. This course highlights how personal data should be collected and used. Try the GDPR course here.


This video is taken from our Inclusion & Diversity course. Inclusive workplaces are shown to enhance business performance. Check out and share our full Inclusion & Diversity course here.

Logicearth Video Library


It's time to take the fear out of using a defibrillator! This video highlights some of the concerns people have about the defib. We have created this free course to show you how to use the equipment.


Introducing Aspire Learning Journeys -
Get ready to fill the critical technology roles of the future within your company today. Watch the video to find out more about Aspire.


In this video we look at the science behind learning and what drives engagement and retention. To discover more, download our free ebook 'the science behind elearning design'.


This clip shows the cancer awareness and prevention course we created for Cancer Focus NI to help older people understand the steps they can take to prevent cancer. Try the course here.


See what our learningCloud onboarding course looks like in this short camtasia. learningCloud is a learning experience platform (LXP) with a great user experience. Find out more.


Is your organisation ready for the digital transformation? Find out in this video how we can help you drive digital dexterity at scale and drive your business forward. Discover more.


How to rethink leadership development - this video explains the benefit good leaders have on business, employees and customers. Read more about how to develop great leadership skills here.


How we help clients to be the best at what they do - here's a sneak peek at how we helped Sport NI and the Judo Federation by creating useful elearning content. Discover elearning design here.


This snippet from one of our off-the-shelf courses shows how to build trust with others and communicate effectively for better results. Discover more about ready-made courses and Percipio here.


Here's a sample topic from the video-based course “Your Role in Workplace Diversity”. It shows how to use flexible communication styles to aid diversity. Discover more ready-made courses here.


This video discusses the importance of developing and embracing a growth mindset. Learning can and should be nurtured as we can continue to develop skills throughout our lives.


Discover in this video how the learning experience platform (LXP) learningCloud can transform your old LMS content into vibrate and engaging learning, quickly and easily. Find out more.


Deliver just-in-time learning with Percipio and use ELSA to expand your knowledge. Watch the video to find out more and click the link to discover more about the capabilities of Percipio.


Hear from some of our clients Clarity, Fexco, and Eir, about their experience of working with us at Logicearth Learning Services. Discover even more customer case studies here


Watch the video to find out how to transform your Learning & Development with a learning experience platform (LXP). You can read more about the benefits of an LXP here.


Digital learning can have tangible results for your business - watch the video to discover how to win the business case for digital learning. Plus, read more in this free ebook we created.


Watch again - this webinar explains how to engage and retain your staff with modern digital learning. Plus, get an indepth look into the Percipio platform and the wide range of courses available.


The future of workplace learning - discover the consumer-led experience of Percipio in this video. Read our blog 'the future of learning is here' to discover more about this LXP.