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Keep your team ahead of the curve - Aspire learning journeys lift your tech workforce readiness, performance and ability to adapt to future technology. 

Support Talent Development

Organisations need to meet the challenge of retaining their top talent while supporting continuous learning and development – especially in this era of rapid technological change and disruption. Aspire is Percipio's latest feature giving people a learning path to their dream role. 

From Data Analyst to Data Scientist

Each of the 16 learning journeys include practice labs, video courses and multi-modal resources that culminate in a credential.

Continual learning

Continual learning is an organisation’s most important tool in preparing for this unprecedented technology transformation, where new roles are rapidly evolving and new skillsets are required to meet the needs of the future.


Logicearth Learning Services can help you inspire your internal talent and support their professional development now and into the future. Find out more about Percipo and Aspire here.



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