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We have gathered the latest research and created these insightful infographics that you can share with your team. 


The Octalysis Framework is a human-centric gamification design outline developed by Yu-Kai Chou. How can this framework be used for learning?


Finding a new talent

The Deloitte 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report makes it clear that there is a talent crisis and L&D has a key role in solving it.

How to be a Leader in the Digital Age.

As the business context changes, organisations need new leadership development competencies to keep pace and succeed.

Microlearning Principles

How to take the key principles of Microlearning and apply them to your traditional digital learning techniques .

2019 Moment of Opportunity

The 2019 Workplace Learning Report shows that executive support is increasing, with L&D spend expected to be up by 43% compared with 2017.

The Key Barriers to Learning

We have taken research from Adeccousa, Docebo, Gartner, LinkedIn and the Pew Research Center to pinpoint the obstacles in workplace learning.

Key Trends in This Year's GSS

Results from the Global Sentiment Survey 2019 indicating what tools are predicted to be the next ‘big things’ in digital learning.

Solve the Multi-Device Challenge

Learners are constantly changing between screens during the day, see how you can make your content work across different platforms.

How to Learn Away From Your Desk.

Great learning can happen anywhere. Here are some examples from the obvious - mobile sales teams, to the less apparent - your customers.

The Truth About Employee Engagement

The surprising truth about employee engagement, how it's not down to the company itself but the leaders in your organisation.

Foundations of a Learning Organisation

To survive in a digital world, an organisation needs to adapt to a changing landscape; to learn. An organisation remain relevant and competitive.

Virtual Collaboration Success

In this research from the Deloitte Human Capital Trends report we look at the industry trends around virtual working, and give 8 tips for success.

Skills Required for Digital Transformation

Find out what the 10 key skill areas are for a business to fully leverage and embrace digital transformation.

People-First Digital Transformation

Digital transformation not only affects the business but the people within. Here is a 5-step checklist to help involve your staff at all levels.