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We have gathered the latest research and created these insightful infographics that you can share with your team. 

Here are some top tips on rethinking your traditional content, such as SCORM courses and using the principles of microlearning.

2019 Moment of Opportunity

The 2019 Workplace Learning Report shows that executive support is increasing, with L&D spend expected to be up by 43% compared with 2017.

Key barriers to learning

We have taken research from Adeccousa, Docebo, Gartner, LinkedIn and the Pew Research Center.

The truth about employee engagement

The surprising truth about employee engagement – managers drive it, not organisations.

How to solve the multi-device elearning challenge

Learners are constantly changing between screens during the day, see how you can make your content work across different platforms, anywhere, anytime.

Key trends in this year's GSS

We created an infographic with the results from the Global Sentiment Survey 2019 indicating what tools are predicted to be the next ‘big things’ in digital learning.

People first digital transformation

Digital transformation in any form will involve your staff - and should involve your staff at all levels.

10 key skills required for digital transformation

Find out what are the 10 skill areas that are required for a business to fully leverage and embrace digital transformation.