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Packed full of blogs, the latest industry research, free training resources, opinion pieces, case studies, quizzes and more – our fresh, practical and insightful monthly ezines will have something for you, whatever your L&D challenges or areas of interest. We’ve done the hard work – now you can benefit!


February 2020

This month we look at Don Taylor's Global Sentiment Survey (GSS) and what he has discovered the top 5 'hot' L&D trends to be for 2020. Last year saw the theme of 'data' running through the top 3 results, whereas this year, we see the trend toward 'automation nature'. 


May 2019

Companies across the world face a growing challenge – locating and successfully hiring the staff they need. We take insights from the 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report to illustrate L&D solutions to the biggest challenge faced by Talent.


April 2019

We look at Don Taylor's Global Sentiment Survey. Each year, Don Taylor asks L&D professionals globally, 'What will be hot in workplace L&D this year?' Here we look at what the future has in store for workplace learning.


March 2019

We are focusing on LinkedIn Learning's 2019 Workplace Learning Report. This annual report, now in its third year, gives a pulse check on the current environment for L&D professionals globally. It’s a rich source of valuable information and an insight into the year ahead.


September 2018

The Transformation Curve, 30 quick wins for L&D success, how to embrace modern learning, ensure your team has a growth mindset, our gamification quiz demo, plus communication styles from Percipio.


November 2018

Research from Towards Maturity, 101 ideas to supercharge your digital learning, make learning 'sticky' with this MIT research, our gamified quiz, plus how our newly titled learning experience designers design.


March 2020

This month we are recognising the unprecedented situations that organisations are finding themselves in. Employees are home working, learning programmes have stalled, resources are being diverted from all but the most critical functions.


August 2019

This month we’re looking at the growing demand for virtual services; how to effectively connect with remote workers and far-off clients, and how to successfully overcome challenges associated with collaboration between virtual teams.


June 2019

We look at employee engagement strategies for retaining your top talent and driving business growth.


September 2019

There’s been a lot of talk recently about learning cultures. This month we try and clear up what a learning culture is, and why it seems to be so important?


Oct 2018

Research from Brandon Hall Group, digital learning and the LMS, how to rethink leadership development, how we help clients be the best, building trust from Percipio, plus how our instructional designers create.


July 2019

Useful tips and information to help you plan your L&D strategies for the coming months.


January 2019

Look inside for the latest industry research plus trends in digital learning from Logicearth.


February 2019

At the recent Learning Technologies event, we noticed a key theme of enabling workers and business units to manage their own learning. Supporting self-directed learners is clearly still a challenge for many organisations. Here, we look at the new Towards Maturity report, The Transformation Journey, to see their thoughts and data.

October 2019

October 2019

In our October edition, we look at mobile learning and what that means today. It means more than content resizing for your screen; it means a new way of engaging with your workforce. 

November 2019

November 2019

In our November edition, we look at ways to make learning strategies much more efficient and aligned with the business. In today’s world where a competitive edge is key, strategic learning decisions can impact greatly on business performance. We have some ideas on how L&D can show its worth.

December 2019

December 2019

It’s time to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to all our readers! We’ve done a quick roundup of some top items in 2019 and are helping you look ahead to 2020. Get ahead of the game in the new year by mulling (see what we did there) over the likely trends of 2020, and pick an L&D New Year's resolution that will elevate learning, and you, to new heights.

January 2020

January 2020

As we prepare for what’s coming in 2020, we’re looking this month at learning in the modern world. Be it technology, solutions or strategies for engagement, we need to continue with the drive to ensure that learning is a pillar of business success.