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White Papers and Ebooks

Need some facts, stats or persuasive arguments on key aspects of modern workplace learning? Look no further! Make the most of our selection of informative, useful resources – download these free white papers and reports today.


The Hidden Cost of Talent: a CFO Guide

Examines the most pressing issues around talent management, exposes the areas most prone to financial leakage, and calculates the true cost of talent to the enterprise.


Set of Best Practices for Targeting, Aligning and Measuring Learning

How to identify learning needs that support business priorities, align a solution and measure results.


Developing Digital Dexterity in Your Organisation

Why the right training is vital for building the digital dexterity that companies need to survive and thrive in the future.


Aspire Digital Learning Journeys

See the future learning paths that inspire and incentivise tech talent, support professional development, and boost retention.


How to Improve Digital Skills Across Your Organisation

Proactive upskilling translates into improved business outcomes – here’s how L&D teams can reap the benefits.


Making the Most of Your Modern Workforce

Engaging employees in ongoing learning pays big dividends, but how can organisations meet the engagement imperative?


Deloitte and Bersin: Learning Experience Platforms

In their landscape market report, Deloitte and Bersin explore the solution capabilities available in the learning platform market.


Discover the Science Behind Elearning Design 

In this resource, we share our scientific design process with you and offer 7 key principles in how to develop effective content design.


30 Quick Wins to Launch L&D Success

Perfect for L&D teams that want to make a bigger impact on the business - here are helpful ideas to fast-track success in learning. 

Building a Business Case for Digital Learning cover

Building a Business Case for Digital Learning

What digital learning means for your business and why
you can’t miss this opportunity




Create Your Business Case for Digital Learning

Build a successful digital learning strategy that positions your company for the future and gives employees the platform to thrive.


How to ensure your learning project runs smoothly

6 tasks that will help you to reduce the complexity of eLearning project delivery and remove common barriers to success.


What exactly is a Learning Experience Platform?

An LXP should break the boundaries that define the LMS to deliver an experience to learners that looks and feels just like the modern web.


A Complete Guide to LMS

Here's a comprehensive view of current and future trends in digital learning content and the ways that businesses can benefit.


What is Microlearning, and how do I implement it?

Microlearning is the delivery of short, fast, bite-sized chunks of information… isn’t it? Actually, its success depends on much more than that.


How to Develop Modern Digital Learning

Developing modern digital learning that is truly effective requires expertise in learning methods, tools, processes, platforms and in managing the people involved along the way.


Why does Self-Directed Learning matter?

Workers who own their day to day knowledge journey are 74% more likely to know where they want to go in their career. They are also 48% more likely to have found purpose in their work.


Gamification in Learning

What is gamification and how can we implement effective gamification solutions for talent development? We examine the evidence surrounding its use to increase user engagement and performance.