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Boost your organisation’s learning resources in seconds – download our free resources and make them available on your LMS! With these courses, games and quizzes, you can enjoy engaging, useful learning on crucial topics such as GDPR, social media best practice and security awareness.


Returning to the Office

This course is designed to help employees return to the office safely and feel supported through any feelings of apprehension. Try it online now.


Diversity and Inclusion

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67% of job seekers said a diverse workforce is important when considering job offers (Glassdoor). Attract the top talent now with this FREE training.


Social Media

Here's how to ensure staff avoid the pitfalls of cyber space – get a preview of our compliance course providing best practices for using social media in the workplace.

fraud awareness

Fraud Awareness Game

Corporate fraud training is not an area that leadership teams can ignore. Employees must recognise fraudulent activity and feel empowered to report it.


De-fear the Defib

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Logicearth has created a FREE training to share with your colleagues that takes the fear out of using a defibrillator.



How are you coping with GDPR? If you need to train new staff or refresh your knowledge, then check out our interactive GDPR course, which makes compliance training more interesting and memorable.


Unleashing Personal and Team Creativity

In this course, you'll learn about characteristics of creative people, how to overcome personal barriers, and how to foster team innovation in a work environment.


Agile Project Planning

Properly estimating and prioritising project requirements is critical when planning projects. When managing agile projects, you need to be able to map out the work necessary for your product release.


Reaching Customers Digitally

Learn about marketing communication strategies that will help you connect with your customers. You’ll explore the digital marketing funnel, which can lead your customers from considering your product or service to actually buying it.


Network Security Threats and Their Impact

In this course, you’ll learn about the importance of defence in stopping hackers from accessing vital customer or business data.


Reaching Goals Using Perseverance and Resilience

In this course, you'll explore realistic goal setting and how to recognise the challenges you'll face as you work to achieve them.


Maximise Your Productivity by Managing Time and Tasks

In this course, you'll learn about how you can use task management to maximise your productivity. You'll discover the benefits of using time management and assessing the value of your tasks.


Fraud Awareness Course

This course explains that fraud can happen both internally and externally, and what measures can be taken to prevent it in your organisation. Try it now and share with your colleagues.


Security Awareness

This quickfire quiz on security awareness demonstrates how seemingly dull assessments can be made fun and engaging. Share with your team and compare your scores!