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30 Quick Wins for Digital Learning Success 

Download this free guide for helpful ideas and inspiration to fast-track success in modern workplace learning. This guide is perfect for L&D teams that want to make a bigger impact on the business.

At Logicearth our mission is to guide companies like yours through the world of digital learning and help you to develop strategies that transform workplace learning.


What you get:

  • Poster: 5 ways to supercharge learning and development in your organisation

  • Top 30 learning hits: 30 different changes you can make to what your L&D team does so you’ll never run out of L&D support ideas. (Try the learning & performance hack day, swap-a-job-day or 10 minute brief learning interventions)

  • Resources: A list of further reading and CPD activities that you can continue to refer to.


30 Quick Wins for Digital Learning Success Ebook

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