On demand webinar:
"Virtual classroom delivery - the shock of zero feedback"


Teaching online is difficult. Skilled classroom trainers can struggle with the sudden and complete lack of feedback from their learners. Unable to check in on progress and easily read the faces of participants in the room is alarming. It is hard to tell who is engaged and who is drifting.

Logicearth has worked with learning professionals across a range of sectors to translate classroom training into digital - self-directed digital content, live virtual classrooms or a blend of the two.

In this webinar, Eoin McDonnell, Head of Learning Innovation, will give simple pragmatic actions you can take today to lift your virtual classroom delivery.

Our experience will help you get started and even realise the benefits from this transition from the classroom. Discover:

  • How to build in opportunities to gain feedback on learner progress
  • Tips to analyse your classroom sessions to understand what will work best where
  • How to manage teaching and tech support at the same time

These practical tips will help you feel comfortable and confident with the transition to virtual.

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Eoin McDonnell

Head of Learning Innovation

Eoin is Head of Innovation at Logicearth Learning Services with responsibility for delivering innovative scalable solutions in digital learning that provide value and make a tangible impact on enterprise-wide strategic talent development. He has significant and diverse experience across both public and commercial organisations, working in start-ups to develop fully-digital blended experiences, modernising learning provisions in corporate training and as an early adopter of digital technologies in higher education. Eoin’s passion lies in his belief in the positive influence of change and the ever-expanding possibilities of digital learning.