Results from the L&D Leaders' ThinkTank


Along with The Creative Engagement Group, Logicearth brought together 40 senior L&D professionals, from a wide variety of global businesses, to take part in a ThinkTank session – a real-time virtual focus group.

As we have seen a forced and sudden acceleration in the digital transformation of the learning sector, we asked this group of learning professionals to reflect on 2020 and consider the lessons that can be taken from this rapid change, as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. We analysed the findings to bring you this exclusive report.

In this L&D insight report 'Defining the Strategic Focus in 2021' you will discover:

  • In depth insights into the 4 key learning priorities your sector peers have highlighted for 2021
  • Reflections from experts in digital learning, employee engagement, scientific engagement, and capability development

  • Plus, how to tackle some of the top challenges we uncovered such as 'Zoom fatigue'

Don’t miss this chance to see how your peers have responded to the challenges this year, and what plans they are making for 2021 and beyond.

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Available in both U.K and U.S English.

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