Free training - Leadership Development Journey


The Aspire Leadership Development Journey maps a path through 10 core competencies for leaders at all levels. It provides a solid foundation for current and future leaders to effectively develop, grow, and lead teams to successful business outcomes.

Our free Aspire Leadership Development programme covers 10 core competencies including:

  • Developing the people you lead
  • Accountability through leadership
  • Problem solving and decision making through leadership
  • Agility in leadership
  • Embracing diversity through leadership

Fill in the form to gain full free access to the leadership development journey for 14 days.

The courses are accessed through our online learning platform Percipio. You will also experience the full ready-made digital learning library, featuring over 165,000 learning assets in areas such as digital skills, leadership skills, and business continuity.

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Susan Dumas

Head of Learning Consultancy

Susan is an experienced Learning and Development and Communications consultant specialising in designing, developing and delivering training programs and communications for all stakeholder levels. She has extensive experience in training needs analyses, managing global training projects and virtual training delivery.