ls your organisation ready for digital transformation...

According to the world economic forum, digital technologies are disrupting business models, designing new collaboration routes, and rewriting customer expectations; disrupting businesses in every sector and continent.

What does this mean for your organisation?

Logicearth can help you to build digital dexterity at scale.
Digital transformation is driving a convergence of business and management skills with traditional IT skills.
This convergence is forcing companies to reimagine their structure, roles and teams, rapidly.
Companies that digitally transform have 16% higher revenue, generate 26% more profit, and have 12% great market valuations.
The organisations that will stay ahead of disrupters recognise the importance of preparing their workforce for the digital age.
Logicearth can help you to address this talent readiness challenge through the deployment of a new digital transformation series.

The courses deliver comprehensive coverage through 7 domains:

  • Essentials of transformation technology
  • Data science
  • Designing digital experiences
  • Agility for digital transformation
  • Digital marketing and communications
  • Virtual collaboration
  • Emerging digital competencies

Our solutions also curates content designed to foster productivity and collaboration – like using jammer, office 365, mac or windows file management  and provides extensive coverage of digital technologies with micro learning courses books and hands on labs

There is still a significant gap between those willing to adapt and those taking action to transform.

The market will not wait for you.

Accelerate your workforce’s ability to thrive in the digital economy

Contact Logicearth to help you build dexterity at scale.

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