Driving Leadership Capability - towards maturity


Drawing on independent data from over 700+ L&D professionals, 10,000+ learners and 200+ L&D leaders, Towards Maturity set to uncover real evidence to highlight where the best opportunities are to develop leadership capabilities.

In order to increase impact today, it became apparent we need future-proofed and learner-centric leadership development programs.


Key factors that differentiate higher achievers:

  • Leadership development done well does not just impact learning and development, but helps organisations score more highly on their key performance indicators (KPIs) 
  • Through a blended approach to leadership training, more individuals get the opportunity to show their leadership capabilities and progress within the organisation 
  • Learning technologies play a vital role in the successful development of leadership capabilities: Organisations that use learning technologies and tools to develop their managers and leaders tend to facilitate online communities and learning groups which provide learners with continuous access to knowledge and support at times convenient to the learners 
  • Underpinning the successful use of learning technologies within a blended approach to leadership development is the L&D team. L&D professionals require some stand-out skills if they are to be effective in creating a learning culture that supports the development of leaders.

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