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Cancer Awareness Course

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Cancer Focus Northern Ireland needed training material that would disseminate key messages of cancer prevention to a broad audience. We could assume that none of the learners had training in health promotion. The goal was for all learners to not only understand these messages but be able to reiterate them in their own terms. Our Learning Experience Designers and Digital Designers worked together to create beautiful course with engaging interactivity, simple navigation and a clear pace and narrative. Now that we have created this course, people with questions or who need training in cancer prevention can be directed to a tool that takes just 25 minutes to explore – or could be revisited at its point of need. Our content development services are perfect for challenges like these – where information needs to be delivered to a wide range of people and provide a captivating learning experience.

To access the full Cancer awareness course head over to Cancer Focus NI’s website here:

If you would like to discuss creating a course for your organisation, please get in touch with Logicearth here:

Cancer Focus has developed this new online programme in cancer awareness and prevention.

It aims to increase the knowledge skills of the people who work with older people but it’s for the older people themselves. I’ve been through it, I think its excellent, it covers all the bases, it’s easy, it’s straightforward and you can repeat it and look at it, you don’t have to do it all at once. You take it as it goes.

60% of all cancer diagnosis are in people over 65. This will give them the confidence and the ability to go to their own doctor if they are concerned. Go their health professional and get help.

By taking part in this training you can make a real difference to people lives.

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